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Moles: Moles tend to be round or oval in shape with a symmetrical border, smaller than five millimeters, have stopped growing and changing color, and are all one-color. They are usually tan to dark brown in color, and slightly elevated above the skin.

In the three images directly below, you can see that these moles are oval or round shape with symmetrical borders and the moles are all one color. Then compare those to the basal cell carcinoma and melanoma further below.





Moles vs. Melanomas

  • Asymmetry
  • Borders (irregular)
  • Color (varies, multi-colored), and
  • Diameter (greater than 6 mm, about the size of a pencil eraser)
  • Evolving over time (changes shape and colors, enlarges over time)

In the figure below, benign moles are shown in the examples on the left, with melanoma growths demonstrated on the right.

Above: Moles on left, melanomas on the right.

Which example above is a mole and which one is a melanoma? Trick question, they're all moles.

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